Favorite fabric

Jil, our sweet girl next door, let me know that she would love to get a drawstring bag in the fabric of the pencil case that I made for her two years ago. This Heather Bailey fabric was used long before for the tree in M's bedroom.

Looking at my remnants stock it appeared that I had to do my best. Remnants were there, but there was little left and their shape was strange.
This fact brought me to this free formed patchwork. Remnants just came together as I found them. Their shape remained. Made it more special to make this easy project (following this tuto; thanks Mieke).



As each year (2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2010) parents of L's class were gathering to make a Sinterklaas present for their child. The teacher asked us to make a pen case for their new fountain pen.

The teacher drew a typical model with a small flap on the blackboard. Not enough inspiring to me if I may say. So I made a different one.... Works perfect :).


Heart's desire

This one is an oldy. I mean, I made it already in January of this year. Meant for L's birthday, but only finished recently! F fixed the frame with wheels and (very important!) pull out handle. Sometimes it just takes long...
For years already L was begging for it: a roller case. I don't know where her desire comes from, as we don't have one and simply love our backpacks. I refused to buy one for her before because none of us likes the available ones with awful pictures of Walt Disney, Pokemon or what so ever. A solution that came up: make one myself.

You'll recognize parts here (thanks Debora!) and here, but after this post my hands were really itching (thanks Riet, for the inspiration!). The significant parts, wheels and handle, come from a cheap Marktplaats (Dutch eBay) buy. I just replaced the ugly case. 'Just' turned to be quite a job. I think this thing was the hardest ever. It just didn't come out of my hands like that and I had to redo about every part of it. I declared myself for crazy several times, but at the same time I very much enjoyed making it. I even laughed when I discovered late at night that I made the whole thing upside down (so zippered pocket and text were wrong). The embroidered words (like done here long time ago) are going to be typical I believe...

Denim was choosen for the outside, a sweet Petit Pan fabric for the inside. The color of the piping I so love! It's super bright as I noticed before; I can't even catch it by camera. Both inner and outer fabrics were stiffened with the most stiff fusible woven layer that I could find. But in the end the case still wasn't hard enough. So finally a strip made of polystyrene panel for the corners attached to foam board for the sides had to be added between the layers. Still I'm not satisfied. Who wants to tell me the secret of all those super hard looking little cases made by you, Belgian bloggers? Although I'm pretty sure I won't make another one...
In the early morning in January L found only one present on her birthday table. After unwrapping she discovered in every pocket some more (like my iPhone!). Among them this toiletry bag.

Now it's finally hers. This way she left for Vlieland. And she walked like a lady!


Three times a charme

My eldest daughter M is 13 now! Yesterday she had her birthday during schoolcamp; the best birthday ever, she assured me today.

She is such an animal lover! That's why she got two kittens today, one for her and one for her sister. Kittens that didn't agree with my initial present idea to make a bag for M with the kittens inside.

Last week M was that enthousiastic about this bag, that I decided to make another one for her. She might be kind of young for a leather bag like this, but on the other hand she will be going to secondary school after summer and she's no more a little kid!
This bag is a sum of the bags I made before. I learn each time and now I'm satisfied with the result. There was no more left of the beautiful cotton straps I bought in Paris and that you saw before, so these leather straps came in. Ordinary glue was a secret friend this time.



My sweet niece Maartje has turned grown-up, she's 18 years old now. This weekend we attended her party. On Saturday there was no time left to shop for a present. On those moments I more often end up behind the sewing machine. No time left to design as well, so here's a variation on this bag. This bag carrying a bottle of white wine made her happy!

The bag appeared to be way too high. I cut about 8 cm from the top - with handles already sewn - and then used this cut off part on the inside of the bag as a facing. 
All together it can be approved, and might be approved soon in another try. I have to take a look at my leather stock first.

Leather is such a rewarding material to work with. To cut it is like cutting butter. I love to experiment and eventually change plans during the trip. No problem. Let's see where I will end up next time.


Tiny contribution

Yesterday we had the annual Lentemarkt in school, a great summer feast with all happy people around. M and her class organised the so-called tea garden, of which the proceeds go to their final camp. All parents were asked to bake at least 4 pies. I never baked and consumed that much pie in one day before! We had the last piece of apple pie for desert this evening.

For L's class we made a little stall where kids could buy little self made things for 20 cents. These colorful bow ties were my contribution.

Of course L was allowed to have the first choice. Today she wore it in her hair. Thanks Kristel, for your inspiration!


One day of a fox's life

What to tell? This day was just great! See the preparations in the former post.


Being a?

This weekend preparations for Carnival are in full swing. Is it clear what L is going to be?

After this we closed the back of the head as well.

Now we only have to paint it today. L, I think we are a super team! Please come back to see the final result.



Both my girls needed a toiletry bag for a long time already to replace the too small ones they used. Finally in Christmas holidays these Petit Pan sisters were made.

Bottom and inside from oilcloth, size large enough for the far future. Based on this fine tutorial.

The light one is for my youngest L; it's a part of her birthday present a few weeks ago. Yes, of course the rest will be shown soon as well.

Already preparing for Carnival...


There's a new shop in town

Highly recommended, our new shop in Rotterdam: Flying Tiger. A mixture between Hema, Ikea and dreadful Action (sorry, Action lovers, I'm not joining), in a Scandinavian style. Last week I spent about an hour strolling along nice goodies for €1, €2 or €3,--. Go girls or visit online. They change the collection all the time, so always a reason to visit! My first buys:
1. magnetic letters 2. nice size drinking glasses  3. labyrinth money box (great to get it opened!)  4. hair accessories  5. elastic and nylon thread  6. tape, tape and velours ribbon  7. postcards  8. sticky notes  9. printed linen bag
Are you a fan too?
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